A Pony Named Napoleon


A Pony Named Napoleon is a contemporary fairytale about a shy, lonely pony named Napoleon.  Napoleon finds refuge on a picturesque farm in Michigan, which is already home to a curious and unlikely group of animal friends, such as a Kenyan zebra and a German horse.  Unaccustomed to such diverse company, Napoleon feels as though he does not belong there, but when the zebra becomes endangered, Napoleon must decide if he can overcome his shyness, find the courage to rescue the unfamiliar, and restore the farm to peace and tranquility.

580985_10152561783610206_372198748_nThis real and adventurous account is accompanied by a series of fairytale-esque photographs, which bring a seemingly impossible set of circumstances to life.  The story introduces analogies and inter-species interaction, with morals that address bullying, friendship, and acceptance.

In A Pony Named Napoleon, children and animal lovers of all ages will discover the meaning of home and community, while learning that differences are worth cherishing, celebrating, and sharing.  The story is real, the farm exists, animals are magic, and when photographs suspend ordinary moments in time, fairytales can be found alive and well, even today.  This book is proof.

All you have to do is open it.

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