IMG_3752Welcome to the page of “The King!” Elvis, or “Love Me Tender” (as he’s referred to in the show ring) is a black thoroughbred and stands regally at 16.1 hands tall.  He’s got three flashy white socks and a big white star.  Elvis was actually bred to be a racehorse, but was quickly retired after a short career.  Jennifer’s mom, Susie, fell in love with Elvis the moment she saw him and spent many years enjoying dressage and long walks in the woods on his back.  Elvis is not an easy ride, but he is kind and patient, and he has taught many children how to ride.  Elvis is friendly and a key asset at Charlemagne Farm.  He helps look after the zebra in the wintertime, and he leads the herd to the best grasses in the summer.  He enjoys rolling in the grass, eating grain, and getting hugs from his mom, Susie.

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