IMG_4832Gabriel is a brindle English Mastiff and came to Charlemagne Farm in August 2012 from a private rescue organization.  He was once a guard dog in a prison, but was given up around age 3 for unspecified reasons.  Because of his large size and strict training, he was not like most dogs his age, who were playful and social, and so, he went through a series of mis-fit homes before a private organization kindly took him in.

Struggling to protect the zebra, the horses, and the farm from 1238772_10153281756480206_1993931107_nunsolicited strangers on her own, Jennifer began to look for a guard dog at the end of the summer in 2012.  The quiet, reserved dog came at the perfect time.  During his first visit to the farm, he immediately took it upon himself to watch over the zebra night and day and would only reluctantly leave his side when Jennifer would call him in to dinner.  He quickly adapted to farm life and learned to enjoy kisses and cuddles from Jennifer, long rides in the fields and the woods, and midnight checks on the other animals.  Jennifer named him “Gabriel” on the first day he arrived, because he was clearly a God-send.

Gabriel especially loves taking trips up north to the Upper Peninsula, where his grandparents have a cabin, and his favorite foods are Beneful, english muffins, and snow.  His best friend is Sura, and his second best friend is Jennifer (she thinks).

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