Good Dog: A Legend


unnamed_2A prequel to the farm fairytale, A Pony Named Napoleon, Good Dog: A Legend is an epic children’s odyssey recounting the origins and adventures of two best friends – a dog called Gabriel and a zebra named Sura. After King Gabriel and Sura leave their home in the night sky to live in winter at the top of the world, they become separated after a terrible disagreement. With a cold heart and a selfish attitude, King Gabriel leaves winter in search of Sura. Along his weary journey, he is confronted with new seasons and new animals in need, and he son learns the true meaning of friendship, compassion, helping others, and letting others help. He also discovers what it means to be a good kind…and a good dog.

IMG_0556Through awe-inspiring photographs captured across seasons from some of the most remote places on earth, children, star-gazers, and animals lovers will relish this heart-warming tribute to animals and the life-lessons that connect us to them. If you’ve ever wondered how zebras got their stripes, why dogs wag their tails, or where to find the North Star, Good Dog: A Legend will explain everything.

All you have to do is open it.10372142_10154181505870206_4447408179399340962_n

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